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Reusbale Face Masks

We have started making reusable face masks for clients when they noticed our staff wearing ours on property repair call outs. The following is the price list, the more units purchased the cheaper each unit is. Each face mask has your company logo which is great for your staff and for your valued customers, keeping both safe and content whilst also availing of advertising of your brand. The masks are made with the sublimation process for your branding finish so that there is no fade after each wash. Mask colours can be chosen to compliment your branding and logo. I attach sample graphics. We can also do unbranded plain masks.


Our masks are machine washable at 60 degrees.
Other benefits include;
* added protection of 2 ply 100% Polyester (so can be washable at 60 degrees) or you can have the external ply polyester and the internal ply cotton or both cotton.
* can be used as part of your uniform with your brand and colours
* are more comfortable to wear than disposable masks
* are more cost effective than staff using disposable masks
* will not end up in landfill like disposable masks
* will take the pressure off Health Service supply lines

So here is to keeping your customers and staff safe.

We currently have a lead time of two weeks on receipt of payment for your order. Orders are required to be paid in full on instruction to proceed. 

Each mask is packed separate with washing instructions,  we can put your company name with washing instructions free on orders over 500 units. 

Get in touch with us today for our pricing options

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