Painting and Re-plastering 

Property Repair Guys 365 Limited has expert, experienced, reliable and insured painters and plasterers available for all your home improvements or commercial requirements. Some of our clients painting and plastering needs which we have met and exceeded their expectations for work in Georgian buildings internally, Iron work, coving, plaster moulds redecoration, re-plastering and painting intricate detailing, apartment block common areas both internally and externally and businesses and housing estates. Our painters and plasterers are fully insured and affordable for true value so you have peace of mind that our guys can help you!

Property Repair Guys 365 Limited. Registered Office; 31 Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, DO4 E0E4. Company Number: 579944. VAT Number IE 3411093GH. Directors; P. Huberman, S. Huberman.

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